Indigo Jam Unit

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Vastly more magnificent than any emerging technology’s precisely programmed ability to enthrall for ages, Osaka’s Indigo Jam Unit unleashes an afferent stream of crystal clear sonic consciousness that is impeccably scored with invigorating, astonishing rapture. Notes come alive within songs that maintain constant creativity; patterns changing and folding over another, weaving in and pulling out sensations that suddenly burst into existence. A pure marvel what piano, drums, double bass and percussion can achieve. This is storytelling without words; using images developed entirely from sound.

Now you’re playing with power.
Indigo Jam Unit – Pirates
Indigo Jam Unit – Arctic Circle
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13 Responses to “Indigo Jam Unit”

  1. Zephirnl :

    Very cool indeed! Also be sure to check out the album they have consisting of Common covers: Re:Common. Really good stuff!

  2. brandon :

    Ican’t find somewhere to buy mp3s of it :( (

  3. John :

    Yeah, would love to buy some of this, but can’t find a store link that isn’t in Japanese… ?

  4. John :

    Nevermind! Just noticed the “This” above is a link to Juno. Thanks! :)

  5. Stella :

    Excellent choice Kyle. Indigo Jam Unit is certainly one of my favourite Japanese jazz groups. I’ve been listening to Indigo Jam since their debut and I must say that their 4th album really pushed the boundaries of what they can do. The addition of the percussionist just adds that much more depth to their music.

    If you like the sound of Indigo Jam you should also check out J.A.M (Just a maestro)
    They’re made up of the pianist, bassist and drummer from the SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS.

  6. Rhinocerous Joe :

    Nice, I love japanese Jazz, they’ve got a really amazing scene there. Bands like soil&”pimp”sessions, this, and pfeuti make me wish I were part of it.

  7. archer :


  8. Claudio :

    This is my first listen to Japanese jazz and I think I’m in love. My only other aural experience with modern Japanese music has been with the great Yoshida Brothers, but this is just as good.

  9. javejavor :

    “Pirates” is like a whole new world to me – rarely heard jazz like this.

  10. Kyle :

    Indigo music is now available at, iTunes USA, Amazon Japan, and Basis Records.

  11. :

    not really feeling these songs

  12. Yukijin :

    Thanks for this.
    I bought a fantastic EP of theirs (2×2) last year via

  13. Glen Glenn :

    I heart afferent streams!