Kate Schutt

jazz // singer-songwriter

Kate Schutt’s debut studio album No Love Lost (2007) stretches from Jazz standards to American singer-songwriter tradition. A guitarist, producer and songwriter, Kate shifts throughout her album from slow-paced and melancholic ballads to slightly more up-tempo moments, often accompanied by her 8-string guitar. “Wrecking Ball” is a sweet display of pre-World-War II continental jazz influences such as tender gypsy-like arrangements and melodic trumpet hooks alongside southern-style harmonica riffs and heartfelt vocals.

Clear vocals, old-fashioned jazz instrumentation.
Kate Schutt – Wrecking Ball
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6 Responses to “Kate Schutt”

  1. Mark Tankersley :


  2. brandon :

    that harmonica mid way through adds so much warmth!

  3. lisn :


  4. sarah :

    mmm, like her

  5. Holly Jo. :

    Brilliant. It’s be great with a cup of coffee.

  6. Oleg :