Matt & Kim

punk-pop // dance

There’s no denying the exhilarating, rambunctious joy set free by Brooklyn darlings Matt & Kim. An Old West saloon piano jump-starts this song and never lets go; quickly flurried with rousing synths and a thumping beat that blasts through walls like Mr Kool-Aid. From lazy days in bed to cherished moments anywhere, this is exactly the kind of exuberant grandeur I am oh-so curiously seeking throughout life. Hopefully they make you smile and remind you to hold nothing back, because anything is possible. Yeah!

Shockwaves of keyboard & drum jubilee!
Matt & Kim – Daylight
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12 Responses to “Matt & Kim”

  1. chriskalani :

    One of my online friends actually sent me this album randomly. I started listening having no idea who they were and I really loved it.

  2. vlad :

    Wonderful song.

  3. Tim :

    Loved it.

  4. Zak :

    These guys are amazing, I’ve been listening to them for awhile and they just keep getting better and better with their musical compositions!

  5. Matt :

    Awesome track.. Absolutely loved it when the drums started playing. Thanks for the introduction!

  6. James :

    This is a good song. I really like the Yukon Ho remix of it.

  7. Jon :

    Thanks for the intro to these wonderful musicians. Really digging them.

  8. Elia :

    Really like this a lot. Thanks.

  9. Jordan :

    Did anyone else play the part when the drums start about 500 times over again and again?

  10. Kyle :

    Jordan, i think Kim keeps whaling on the drums.. seems to enjoy it

  11. Kevin C :

    OMG!!! I just saw a bacardi mojito commercial using daylight :D.Congrats :)!

  12. Никита :

    Это действительно в точку!!! Другими словами и не скажешь! :)