Thao Nguyen

alt-country // indie folk

Thao Nguyen’s songs leap with a frantic life of their own. Energetic, honest and raw, the songs off We Brave Bee Stings and All, Nguyen’s sophomore album, are immediately engaging. Her talents as a songwriter are more than matched by her adeptness on the guitar. This talent translates into her own brand of indie folk that recalls elements of alt-country and blues, with the guitar chops to match. Whether alone, or with her backing band of The Get Down, Stay Down, Thao Nguyen is a force to be reckoned with. “Bag of Hammers” has been making the rounds on a number of mp3 blogs, but we thought this one was too good not to post.

Dynamic indie folk with a swagger.
Thao Nguyen – Bag of Hammers
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11 Responses to “Thao Nguyen”

  1. Michelle :

    Fun fact: Laura Veirs, a previous Aurgasm feature, not only provided background vocals on We Brave Bee Stings and All, but was instrumental in getting Thao onto the label, Kill Rock Stars, and under Slim Moon’s management.

  2. matt :

    gotta give The Get Down, Stay Down some credit too. I saw them a few months ago, solid bunch of performers

  3. E :

    Hands down one of my favorite artists

  4. scott :

    such an amazing artist

  5. melissa :

    I am in love with Thao. Very happy to see her here.

  6. ann :

    Ditto with the rest of the comments. And I agree, she was fun to see live with The Get Down, Stay Down. Gotta love those handclaps!

    Btw, check out a different side of Thao where her vocals are used on a downtempo electronic track by Emancipator, who is also great. It’s called “When I Go” and it’s downloadable (with sign-up) at the site below:

  7. Dan :

    So glad you put Thao on here. She’s an absolutely amazing artist and The Get Down Stay Down are a talented bunch of guys.

    Everyone falls in love with Thao at first listen, it’s just how it is.

  8. Dan :

    Loved her since i found her on myspace like 3 years ago before like the linen was finished.

  9. Alan :

    We Brave Bee Stings is my favorite album of the year! Glad to see Aurgasm give props to this wonderful artist and equally great band. I love her off-kilter, jittery, energetic sound.

  10. donnarey :

    I’m thrilled to see Thao featured here. Paul, she performed at the Paradise in Allston a couple of months ago (on Halloween, if I’m not mistaken). She put on an awesome show with the rest of the women of the Hotel Cafe Tour. And most of them stuck around after the show to mingle with the fans. Great night

  11. t_hall :

    HOORAY! Since moving from Texas I’d somehow forgotten about Thao, et al.. Until now! Thanks so much for the wonderful post, and possibly my favorite song :)

    I sincerely appreciated the Laura Veirs fun fact. Plus, the way it was presented gives the post a pop-up video feel, which is always fun for the last of us gen-Xers.

    However, the one thing that brought me to your site was the photo, which game up quickly in google images. MARVELOUS!

    thanks all around.