The Menahan Street Band

soul // funk

Lead by multi-talended producer Thomas Brenneck, The Menahan Street Band offers a solid blend of instrumental funk, late sixties sounding soul, latin grooves and afrobeat. Back in 2007, long before the group’s debut album, the Brooklyn based ensemble drew attention for their outstanding “Make The Road By Walking” track, which was sampled for the ubiquitous Jay-Z’s hit “Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)”. “Home Again!”, a mid-tempo composition from the recently released Menahan album embodies warm guitar melodies and tightly structured horn arrangements.

Entirely instrumental soulful goodness.
The Menahan Street Band – Make The Road By Walking
The Menahan Street Band – Home Again!
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8 Responses to “The Menahan Street Band”

  1. stella :

    Love it. Such a sexy sound. I thought I heard some El Michaels Affair in there, and surely enough, they’re part of this awesome group.

    Thanks for this.

  2. Guuzbourg :

    Great album. Check also the new The Grits record.

  3. Hannah :

    Awesome (:
    Menahan in Bahasa Melayu means to “keep, keep back, endure, detain, bridle, bate”.

  4. Jared :

    Hey I heard this band on the radio at 5:30 this morning driving up the merritt parkway.

  5. Kelly :

    I love it! Will most def go out and buy.
    If you like this you’ll probably like a band called Brownout! out of Austin Texas. They’re a side project of Grupo Fantasma.

  6. Joezeon :

    truly amazing. love them both.

  7. dr vorhees :

    very cool. the same things I like about the Budos Band seem to apply here. will have to check out.

    thanks for posting!

  8. Esther :

    Love it. Great Instrumentals and the beat is so refreshing. Keep on playing.