Coeur de Pirate

french acoustic // indie pop

The debut album of an 18 years old Quebec-based musician Béatrice Martin delivers a collection of colourful and charming piano-driven pop songs. As the album ranges from melancholic notes to playful tones, the standout track “Comme Des Enfants” carries sincere joyfulness, sweet vocals, whimsical piano, organ and string arrangements. Equally enjoyable “C’était Salement Romantique” offers lovely organic nuances and a delicate instrumentation of the finest kind.

From subtle innocence to mature melodies.
Coeur De Pirate – Comme Des Enfants
Coeur De Pirate – C’était Salement Romantique
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22 Responses to “Coeur de Pirate”

  1. smith3000 :

    Delightful. Wish I knew what she was singing about though – my o level French stretches as far as the titles ..

  2. maria.amelie :

    every time I check this blog, I always suprised over how beautiful music is you write about it, and how it always moves me in a good way. Thank you:-)

  3. pmhauer :


  4. amy :

    she’s incredible. where can i get the full album???

  5. mack :

    I m looking forward to nextupdate!

  6. Michel Lepage :

    I am from Montreal, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Coeur de Pirate on your site.

    She is generating a lot of buzz here in Quebec.

    I am just wondering, how you heard about her.


  7. Robert Halvarsson :

    I have to agree with the others. This kind of music makes me think that the world just a little bit more beautiful then it was just a moment before.

  8. Guuzbourg :

    it’s my French record of the year. I love her song Berceuse too.

  9. gary :

    Stunningly beautiful… Wonderful find. I hadn’t heard of her here in Toronto until this post. Thanks for sharing these tracks.

    How do you pronounce the name? My French pronunciation is atrocious :(

  10. Dana :

    Her cd is available at her label site… About $15 plus shipping. It’s great!!

  11. LetMeLikeIt :

    Great to see that you’ve also found this girl.
    I blogged about her on September 23, and a lot of blogs followed after.


  12. Simon Wright :

    My, aren’t you just a cute little trend-setter, aren’t you LetMeLikeIt! So cute!

    Get off my internets.

  13. Chanelleee ♥ :

    You can go on google, and have the song translated in english, so you could understand it ;) i’m french. but where did you get those franch songs ?:S

  14. Matt :

    Beautiful CD. Arrived in the mail just today. A real excellent find :) keep it up.

  15. Al E. Paakkola :

    Not since Joni Mitchell’s early works have I been so enthralled by a young Canadian female artist. Smash the ‘Idols’ and go with the real thing!

  16. Maura :


  17. PeaceLove :

    Expect a bump. You’ve been indirectly BoingBoinged:

  18. Serena :

    Where can you get her CD in the US?

  19. DANIEL :

    I fount this song on a google server and enjoyed it so much I simply HAD to buy it on iTunes. This pirate loves ceour de pirate!

  20. Regina :

    oh em gee
    this makes me want to pee
    because, you see, i drank too much tea and now i am a tree that is all i can bee one two three

  21. farraromiania :

    Сайт просто знаменательный, блоги тоже!

  22. Sally :

    Just heard a Pampers commercial that uses Comme Des Enfants in it.