Laura Veirs

singer songwriter //indie folk

My roommate “hates” this song. She had to leave my room because it was worsening her headache. Oddly, I would think the calm nature of this song would have the opposite effect. In fact, I’m rather taken with Miss Veirs’ songwriting ability. She’s on the impressive Nonesuch Records roster and is touring with Sufjan Stevens now. “Fire Snakes” comes off her upcoming release “Year of Meteors” and delivers a deliberate and weighted musical message with minimal, but effective, instrumentation. The first two seconds will capture you. The deep bass at 0:40 will make you want to stay a prisoner of this song. Some subtle bird-like electronic elements mingle into this song, but allow the middle cello line to force this beautiful song onto you.
‘Careful, word-conscious, narrative, neither foggy nor overwritten

Laura Veirs – Fire Snakes
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4 Responses to “Laura Veirs”

  1. Paul Irish :

    Salivating for more? Some music samples over here:

  2. swansong :

    Try her

  3. allison :

    Thanks so much for posting this! After listening to the MP3 about fifteen times, I went right out to my local record shop to buy the album and have been listening to it on repeat ever since. Good, good stuff that’s already shaping my autumn soundscape…

  4. ScruvyDom :

    Beautiful stuff, I’m a little skint at the moment so I can’t afford the album, but I’ve bought myself a couple of tracks off iTunes, and I must say that Nina Nastasia might have some competition as my favorite woman in music,