Sylvie Lewis

folk // jazz // singer-songwriter

Exposed to music at an early age, a graduate of prestigious Berklee School of Music, London-born and Rome-based Sylvie Lewis displays a sweet, clear voice and remarkably literate songwriting skills. Musically, Sylvie’s charming style varies from simple folk melodies to the subtle and sophisticated arrangements. Vocally, it ranges from the light-hearted to the moody crooning. “Starsong… What Became Of Us”, an opening track from her latest album Translations (2007), captures the ears for its appealing, catchy vocal lines and Sylvie’s clever, warm phrasing.

Tasteful singing, reflective songwriting.
Sylvie Lewis – Starsong… What Became Of Us
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9 Responses to “Sylvie Lewis”

  1. Marja :

    Oh, her voice sounds too much like Sarah Harmer’s!

  2. muruch :

    Nice to see someone else giving Sylvie some love! Her album was one of my favorites last year, and she was wonderful in concert.

  3. Jake :

    Thanks Julija!

  4. Stereokill :

    Yet another great recommendation, Paul! There’s something pleasantly retro about her style, and her voice is gorgeous.

  5. rand :


  6. Tom :

    Cool music! Thank’s

  7. nouchema :

    very nice,


  8. Anna Marie :

    This track is beautiful. Are they all this good?

  9. sidhartha :

    Grazia!!!! Made my day with this lovely track….Creation fill you up too….