RF & Lili De La Mora

acoustic // dreamtempo

Ethereal beauty preciously sewn from misty morning drops of dew; each wee sound held secret inside. New life, new day – blessed spell of flowers’ bloom; so hush their reverent chanting. Friendly trees begin to whisper in serene approach of Sun’s affection. Soft wings flutter above why and through clouds of gathered wisdom – adoring gazes abound. The bumble of bees a mere murmur as nestled hearts awake to unfettered confessions in Earth’s exhale.

Keys to a secret garden.
RF and Lili De La Mora – Fences
RF and Lili De La Mora – Eleven Continents
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7 Responses to “RF & Lili De La Mora”

  1. earworm :

    Since no one commented yet, I’ll take a stab at it…
    Bought the CD and together with Hauschka’s latest (see below), I listen to it almost everyday. In music critic speak one could refer to it as hauntingly beautiful or more to the point, it just strikes a chord with my current state of mind.

    On a side note: I’ve come across this site just a couple of month ago and I find almost every other CD to my liking. So much so, that I buy quite a lot of them. Great site – Thanks.

  2. kers skerner :


  3. Kelly :

    i really dig this… I’ve been a big fan of RF for a while… his solo records are equally incredible.
    this is a nice winter album…

  4. Xavia :

    I’m loving this. It reminds me of a softer version of Bjork. Don’t know why…

  5. Mijn Schatje :

    it is a great album and I was proud to be a part of it by having my art featured on the cover

  6. Garymon :

    I am so glad to see this CD get some attention. I fell in love with it when it first came out and have been saddened that it has not gotten the attention it deserves.

  7. Paul :

    I love thgis artwork… and it fits the fragile style of the music.
    Good packaging.