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It should be noted that the indie pop trio did not name themselves after the Ivy League university, but after a street in their hometown of Santa Monica. Their E.P. however, did not escape academic citation. Named after London’s Bloomsbury Group; each song was inspired and based on the lives of one of its members (Virginia Woolf, John Maynard Keynes, Leonard Woolf and Lytton Strachey, respectively). Despite heavy literary references, their songs remain light and completely listenable. Surpisingly unpretentious, the album bursts with sweet and slightly tender melodies. Princeton remains intellectual without being alienating, substantive and a touch fey.

Quirky and fresh.
Princeton – The Waves
Princeton – Leonard Woolf
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7 Responses to “Princeton”

  1. Амстердам :

    good music!

  2. Mick Nye :

    Its fun, today a song is 4 – 5 minutes, Mahler had to use half an hour and an entire symphony orchestra, at least just for one movement. But its definitely very listenable :o)

    Mick , ps: a complete live set is up for free download if you like.

  3. Andrew :

    Can you please provide the name of the album? I understand the EP is called Bloomsbury but am having trouble tracking their record down in Australia.

    Great sounds, thanks so much.

  4. Michelle :

    @Andrew: Unfortunately, Princeton doesn’t have a full-length out yet. They do have an older demo, “A Case of the Emperor’s Clothes” available for download. (here).

    Thanks for listening! :)

  5. Ale :

    Very nice , respectable band.Love to listen from young people

  6. Turnip :

    Pleasant songs. His voice reminds me a bit of Magnetic Fields…
    Wonderful site!!!

  7. Edward :

    God, I love these guys. Find more princeton here: