Track N Field

lounge // exotic // downtempo // trip-hop

Some downtempo elicits a strong atmosphere: you’re with friends around a beachfire at 5am, you’re on a roofdeck swaying with the sunset, you’re lips-distance intimate. The stellar downtempo from the Finnish duo of Roberto Rodriguez and Jukka Kaartinen feels appropriate for all of these; it doesn’t serve a single setting. Wide arrangements full of mallet percussion, rich string bass, rhodes piano, balanced against a classy smattering of synths. These songs’ seductive quality completely snuck up on me.

A cinematic balance of strength and beauty.
Track N Field – Marathon
Track N Field – Nobody Waits

Attention my readers in Japan: My lady and I will be coming your way on October 3rd and I’d love to get your tips on what to do, visit, grab a drink, do karaoke, whatever! Holler at me with a comment here and I’ll follow up with you. :)
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15 Responses to “Track N Field”

  1. Paul Irish :

    BTW– Right now it looks like I’ll be around Tokyo (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi), Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara. But my itinerary is far from set in stone! Hehe.

  2. Ryan :

    Wonderful get-your-lady-in-bed music. I mean, it’s good on its own, but having that extra sensual punch meant for dark rooms and seduction lends a welcome addition.

    Good pick as always, Paul.

  3. smith3000 :

    Just lovely. Very sensual and lush, and perfect for those late night moments ..

    The name seems vaguely familiar but I don’t remember hearing Track n Field before. I’ll look up their stuff, definitely. Thanks for sharing Paul – and enjoy Japan, you lucky, music-loving web geek you!

  4. Laura :

    I’m there! I can probably track down a few recommendations for you, even if I don’t know the area. :D

  5. epb5 :

    Well, if traveling with your lady, you have to look at this.

  6. Anastasia :

    Hi, I just recently returned from Japan myself so maybe I can give you some suggestions. Shibuya is a great hip/young neighborhood of Tokyo, chock full of good restraunts. The shabu-shabu restraunts around there are great too. I’d advise you to skip the landmark 109 building unless you really want that much chaos.

    In Nara, be sure to check out the Todaiji temple housing the daibutsuden (Big Buddha), it’s really quite impressive. To get there you also go through Nara Park, famous for its free ranging deer, who will eat anything and I mean anything.

    There are lots of karaoke bars scattered throughout shopping districts in both Tokyo and Kyoto (other places as well, it’s just easier to find them in the big cities). Look around in the huge shopping arcades outside of stations.

    If you’re looking for a mountain gettaway famous for its onsen (open air hot springs), try Fukushima. It’s two hours north of Tokyo by bullet train and is absolutely gorgeous. They’re also famous for their fruit this time of year.

    I hope these suggestions help some. Also, be sure to study up on the language before you go and bring a dictionary too seeing as how most Japanese people can’t speak English. In the big cities, you can probably get along without speaking too much Japanese, but outside of that it’s hard to find any English.

  7. Paul Irish :

    Thanks. ;-)

    These are awesome pointers. Thanks so much. I think we’re definitely going to check Shibuya, the Todaji temple, and certainly some karaoke action!
    Hadn’t heard of Fukushima; hopefully we can make it there. :)

  8. MattyD :

    Yet another great find… Just thought I’d let you know that unfortunately Nobody Waits skips at 2:20. Anyway, thanks for what you do.

  9. Stella :

    Be sure to hang out in the Jazz section of HMV Japan… they have a really good selection of Japanese jazz! And they play really good stuff to so make sure you ask the counter people what’s currently playing.

    Some names you might want to check out:
    Sunaga t Experience
    Indigo Jam Unit

    Enjoy Japan! It’s a lovely place.

  10. Simo :

    Fantastic. Just bought their Marathon album. A real treat. Thanks Paul.

  11. Miroslav Bazitov :

    Great music, I like the brass ( so wanderlustig…)

  12. Liedschatten :

    Hi there!

    I really love this album, too and there are several releases more to mention where you can find songs by Track n Field. For example have a look at “Beach Dub Pearls” – great compilation also!!!


  13. factor_j :

    Woah Yeah!!!

    I love this stuff. Marathon brings back great memories of 1990’s jazz/soundtrack inspired electronic / acid house.

    Happy times. (I have not had the “wow i love this music” grin for ages!!)

    Finally – as above – I love the blog Paul + Co.

  14. ruepen :

    Sounds like “bonobo”. There’s a song from Bonobo which starts similar.

  15. Susy :

    I went there a year ago, and a good recomendation is, rent a bike! 200 yens a day, from 9 to 9, and you can go to the parks, museums, bars, etc that are around the area, and also see the city landscape, and discover things you wouldn’t see on the metro.