Lily Frost

swing jazz // retro vocal jazz

Canadian songstress Lily Frost pays earnest homage to the heyday of the swing era. Recorded live in mono and accompanied by the Swinging Dukes, an upbeat swing band, Lily Frost’s album Lily Swings (2008) brings new interpretations of lesser-known Billy Holiday songs. Lily’s melodic, sweet voice and the arrangements of banjo, breathy tenor sax, low sweet clarinet and trumpets evoke the comfortable and stylish atmosphere of a jazz den.

From nostalgic jazz ballads to the playful swing tunes.
Lily Frost – Lover Come Back To Me
Lily Frost – Willow Weep For Me
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3 Responses to “Lily Frost”

  1. pmhauer :

    thank you, thank you, thank you for including this genre. cannot escape that they wrote songs–and I mean music–so much better back then. so, now I have two more songs I from that time I never knew… and with that voice! I may have listened for Billie but gotta say that I kept hearing LILY. Could listen to the two of them all day. Now, all you have to do is put them together.

  2. Marcus K. :

    And they said jazz was dead! Paul, you have an impressive nose for sniffing out great new music. Keep up the good work!

    – SK.

  3. Kimberlee Morrison :

    She fits nicely into that do-wop revival I have noticed lately.