classical // experimental

Let me go where you take me – childhood’s hour of bewildering delight. Pause only for concerns lasting moments already forgotten; where radiant lights and sounds shimmer haphazard perfections into play. Harmonious adventures subsisted by slight twitter, and glitter, of prepared flitter upon piano strings; riding waves in a carousel’s jubilee. Volker Bertelmann‘s forthcoming Ferndorf (Distant Village) unlocks uncharted passages. Ivory may tiptoe along veiled paths, as violins portray swaying leaves, and barely visible electronic trees branch recognition. His memories unravel beside nourishing cellos in a summer’s gala dream.

Recalling youth with esoteric, aural morsels.
Hauschka – Heimat
Hauschka – Alma
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7 Responses to “Hauschka”

  1. pmhauer :

    So… what soundtrack will we find this on? Dude needs an agent in Hollywood.

  2. Tom :

    Great music – reminds me very much of colleen. Lovely :-)

  3. Nicolas :

    This is definitely working for me.
    I’ll be adding Alma to my walking through apple orchards in the fall playlist.
    Thank you.

  4. Jane :

    Love it. Thank you!

  5. Robert :

    This reminds me of playing a computer role playing game years ago named Arcanum, which had a score written in a similar vein to this. Heimat is brilliant.

  6. Plem :

    cool song.

  7. Rullz :

    Nice. I like a lot piano songs.