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Each summer brings a variety of bright, sunny and catchy songs. The sweet vocals, gentle humour and the sing-along lines of Lenka’s debut single “The Show” (2008) caress the ear and perfectly define those warm, flirtatious and easy-breezy summer days. With her solo debut the Australian-born artist delivers a fine blend of quirky pop, dreamy-indie qualities and electroacoustic sweetness.

Such a sweet treat.
Lenka – The Show
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17 Responses to “Lenka”

  1. Jacob :

    Is this the same Lenka from Decoder Ring? Very cool.

  2. Julija :

    Yes, the same one.

  3. pmhauer :

    Not as avant-garde as many of the typical artists profiled on this site. Yet often, those who garde the avant are simply sub-par and advance nothing. This one’s so well crafted that it certainly avants the guard. Thanks for the post. Well placed, Paul!

  4. ki4 :

    great site, keep up the good work!

  5. Kit :

    Great description! I didn’t realize how eloquent the song descriptions are.

  6. Jan :

    I deeply thank you for your outstanding site.
    such great music every time I come around!

    Thanks for focussing on Lenka. Her “Show” is
    just delightfully amazing!

  7. DreamingWolf :

    Lenka’s name sounds very Eastern European like. I wonder about her origins.

  8. Plem :

    Great song.

  9. alexl :

    Great album.

  10. Dave Engdahl :

    nice, fresh and original. and oh Lord how pretty

  11. scott :

    Yes this is Lenka from Decoder Ring. I hope they put out some new stuff with her soon.

  12. Guyote :

    I liked it. Cute voice…

  13. deanna :

    very happy music

  14. Dedicated to Neo-Soul music all day, every day :

    Lovely voice. Excellent stuff.

    Dedicated to Neo-Soul music all day, every day

  15. muzikluvr :

    Lenka…WOW! A voice that one just can’t help but fall in love with!!!

  16. mitchell :

    hey!!lenka..you voice are such a liliallen voice…

  17. Leonardo Kenji :

    my friend saw her youtube video and now he said he’s in love with her.

    I can understand ;-)