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Oozing with provocative charm, Bitter:Sweet‘s music is a s’mores of sexy melodies and chocolate-covered lyrics – each bite more delicious and mocking an endless craving. Turntables seduce a harp; strings and drums beckon basslines; while Shana’s voice is smoldering and sly, always teasing and pleasing, gently kindling before it ignites. Their tantalizing tendencies explore your innermost desires by fashioning sound as comely exotic dancing fire that casually mellows then miraculously rages.

It’s no surprise they’ve highlighted numerous tv shows and movies since their debut, and seeing them live is a sensuous delight. Supported by a full band, they arouse shagadelic sincerities luring souls to dance with a touch of mystery emanating from their presence. Clearly, they’ve mastered their craft of making music that’s playful and seductive while translating this to a fantastic lounge experience.

Be sure to say hello afterward; they’re some of the nicest folks I’ve met. And get there early for a warm-up by DJ L.C. mixing the likes of Rod Stewart, Genesis, and The Doors over danceable hip-hop beats that would make the RZA smile. Outstanding. Here’s photos I took during their show at Revolution Hall last week, and two aurgasmic songs from their latest album, Drama.

Bitter:Sweet – The Bomb
Bitter:Sweet – Drama

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22 Responses to “Bitter:Sweet”

  1. Micha :

    hum. Weren’t they already featured here?

  2. Melissa :

    Yay! I was there. They were excellent

  3. Sebastien :

    I was there too. Pretty good show. More pics:

  4. Justin :

    Yes they were featured on this website a while back…
    Prolly almost 2 years ago now I do believe…
    Great Stuff!

  5. Anabelle :

    THANKSSSSSSSS!! i was wondering abaut this song – the bomb- ’cause is the soundtrack of Lipstick Jungle… that tv show is killing me! :D


  6. Kyle :

    nice photos Sebastien; it’s amazing what compact digital cameras can capture these days. i’ll have the rest of mine online soon.

    yes, we featured Bitter:Sweet almost 2 years ago; they’re an Aurgasm favorite. i linked to our first post from this one with the word debut.

  7. hmd1987 :

    mannnnn i looooove the songs by bittersweet you
    have on here.

  8. John :

    Gotta ask, Kyle, what you were using for camera/lens at the show — those are pretty wonderfully exposed/detailed shots for a club setting. :)

  9. Kyle :

    much thanks John; i’m using a Canon 40D with a Canon 85mm 1.8 for close-ups, and a Canon 28mm 1.8 for wide shots.

  10. bidule :

    It is so delicious and delightful, Thanks

  11. polonzo :

    yeah,they ahlright outasight but what about chipmunk skulllcrush or ludwing von wolfbang and the headcount

  12. Pete :

    Wonderful, wonderful stuff. Thanks to you and BitterSweet.


  13. dric :

    I Love them ! The BOMB is eonderful, thankyou !

  14. Sirsparrow :

    Gave ’em a listen to and I loved them. Reminds me a lot of Zero 7 actually.

  15. subservient experiment :

    Thx for the tunes…love em. -especially The Bomb!


  16. リーブ21 評判 :

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    I am looking forward to renewal of your blog.
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  17. JR :

    Their last album was a particular favorite of mine. I also have a strong preference for underrated and unheard music and feature it on my site. Thanks for spotlighting this great group.


  18. godzi :

    Bitter Sweet are nice but they make me think of Combustible Edison, who were so very much better in every way.

  19. Adam :

    Reminds me allot of Esthero’s first album…

  20. Kyle :

    @godzi: Combustible Edison were great, but their sound is very different from Bitter:Sweet. It’s like comparing The Beatles with The Rolling Stones, on a lounge basis instead of rock; to each their favorite.

    Here’s the rest of my photos from that night:

  21. Jane :

    Loving this music :)
    Lipstick Jungle !!!!! Best show I
    have watched in a long time !! LOVE IT!!!!!

  22. Erik :

    I bought both their discs; the quality is a little uneven, but overall I’m liking it a lot. Thanks!