Justine Electra


Referring to her own style as laid back electro-blues, actively performing, DJ-ing and remixing, Melbourne-born Justine Electra reflects the surreal electronic adventures of Berlin’s underground scene, techno clubs and squat parties. Using a bunch of loops and samples, Justine incorporates her experimental attempts with a doze of subtle bitterness in her standout track “Killalady”. Repeated sound effects, bluegrass harmonica riff and the trippy lyrics of “Blues & Reds” is another example of her eccentric mix of musical oddities.

From edgy to mellow folktronica nuances.
Justine Electra – Killalady
Justine Electra – Blues & Reds
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5 Responses to “Justine Electra”

  1. Matthias :

    i like the first song.
    easy listening

  2. Dan :

    found her myspace. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=52914429

  3. Janu :

    very nice

  4. Alan :

    I love these sultry, sexy songs!


    Heyyy, the second song is sampling Neil Young !!!!