Club des Belugas

nu-jazz // lounge

By bringing together musicians from multiple generations and countries, Germany based Maxim Illion & Kitty the Bill’s Club des Belugas brainchild is contemporary, classic, and terrifically varied. On a relaxing, beautiful day, Swedish singer Anna.Luca will croon your fancy before Brenda Boykin’s California energy gets you swinging the night away. Other guests include Iain Mackenzie from London, Dean Bowman from New York, and Fred Astaire, whose “Puttin’ on the Ritz” gets remixed for their latest album, Swop!

Irresistibly hip.
Club des Belugas – It’s A Beautiful Day
Club des Belugas – It Don’t Mean A Thing
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8 Responses to “Club des Belugas”

  1. Shawn :

    Awesome. Buyin’ the cd for sure!

  2. Lully, Ref. al desnudo :

    Electra. Express it well: eccentric mix of musical rarities.

    Kisses from Colombia friendly!

  3. Sam :

    It’s AstairE

  4. Debbie :

    Wow. It’s A Beautiful day is <333

  5. Kyle :

    thanks Sam

  6. Joe :

    Awesome -you do find the best music I’ve never heard before. Great sounds.Amazing.

  7. 20-100 :

    very smooth and cool
    and funny name, indeed it is the name of a soccer club from the little little village of my grand-parents :D, I would like to know where the band name really comes from

  8. DDX :

    I listened this stuff for a month. Then I realized what an uninspired mix of genres this really is, how weak the vocals are, how mediocre (compared to real artists) the whole performance is. This may very well go fo the dancefloor, but listening to this at home I felt this is just soulless lackluster computer generated ‘chin music’ (‘chinchin’: get it?). Then I checked out the real Fred Astaire and it was then that I realized how utterly ridiculous CdB’s version is. Can’t stand this anymore so I’m loading it off at ebay.