Amanda Jenssen

pop // soul

Last summer I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Stockholm, Sweden. The music scene is incredibly active there, but if you go expecting to see some DJs or global acts you know, you might be a bit surprised; the country produces so much music that it’s pretty self-sustaining. Amanda Jenssen emerged out of their Idol 2007 competition and just scored a #1 spot on the charts with this track, and yet, there’s hardly any coverage outside of Scandinavia. The chorus has an obvious pop sensibility, but her soul-driven vibe (think: Amy Winehouse) is showcased in the verses. (Thx, Christofer!)

Strong, soulful, and Swedish pop music.
Amanda Jenssen – Do You Love Me?

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  1. Paul Irish :

    Two short letters:

    Dear SonyBMG,
    I’m aware that Amanda is currently signed to you. And you’re a big scary major label. Please please don’t issue a DMCA takedown against me. Thxxxxxx. :)

    Dear Aurgasm community,
    Sadly, Amanda has nothing available for purchase yet, but a full-length album is coming later in 2008. Stay tuned.

  2. sandeep :

    Sounds very Amy Winehouse-ish — thanks Paul!

  3. Paul Irish :

    Sandeep, I agree with you 100%. I was feeling the Winehouse vibe all the way through. :)
    [ Just added her name to the description. Had to. ]

  4. chrisyeoh :

    I think she sounds more like Natasha Bedingfield than Amy Winehouse. :P

  5. Gautigoth :

    I have an English blog about Amanda Jenssen if anyone is interested. I have been working with it for two weeks and there is a lot of information in there already. But mostly Swedes are visiting so far^^

  6. BigD :

    The reason songs like this are popular is because they are simple. There are no complex rhythms to get confused on and its singable by whoever…even though it won’t be nearly as good. Simple isn’t always better…but in this case, it is.

  7. bidule :

    indeed, i go love you ;) !

  8. Joe :

    Another gem.

  9. Roger Krook :

    I think Amanda Jenssen is more Deborah Harry meets Amy Winehouse. She is both rock and jazz/blues/soul.

  10. Leffe :

    She will be the next greatest star that Sweden never had seen in many, many years.
    Yes, we love you Amanda!!!

  11. johnnybg :

    It is genious! A simple tune with naive lyrics like this is very difficult to create with some kind of originality these days. It is like all variations of the theme were used already during the 60´s. With another singer I think the song would have been rather flat. She has a really special voice. It is rough but so warm at the same time. Likeable.

  12. Emmy :

    Posts like this that contribute to Amanda gaining international recognition are absolutely priceless to a hardcore fan like myself. Kudos!

  13. tobin :

    The intro and the vocals on the verses seriously sound like Morcheeba, though the chorus doesn’t so much. Good stuff!

  14. nanoox :

    Great track! I searched for it already on iTunes, but was disappointed to see there was nothing available, so I came back here to find this… Look forward to hearing more from her!

  15. Roger Krook :

    FYI, there might be more coming from loveley Miss Jenssen real soon. According to retailers, her second singel and first album will be released in a few weeks. The big, scary recordcompany has no information about it, however. There is a lot of material with Amanda Jenssen on Youtube, just search for “Amanda Jenssen”.

  16. Paul Irish :

    Ooooh. Thanks for the tip, Roger! Lookin forward to it.

  17. johnnybg :

    Especially look for the songs on Youtube without video, just a gray still. It is a few of her early songs recorded at home with guitar, taken as notes. So much emotions. She says that she has wrote an incredible amount of songs, as a musical diary since she was 12. This can go big time.

  18. Kimberlee Morrison :

    I really like her voice. I can see the similarities to Amy Winehouse but I have a feeling she might have a wider range.

    Heh, I love digging around for music news and finding a gem in the pile.

  19. Gautigoth :

    This is a little taste from Amanda’s debut album that will be released in a month:

  20. Roger Krook :

    Great News! There is a promotion video on Youtube with a song from the coming album “Killing my Darlings”, the song is “Numb” with Amanda Jenssen.

  21. Roger Krook :

    Ooops! Well, now you have the link twice.;) Here you can listen to and buy the single Amarula Tree from a Swedish company with exclusive sneak-preview rights:
    The single will be officially released 16th april.

  22. Alan :

    Great song! Yes, reminded me of Amy Winehouse at first but forgot about it by the chorus. More pop/rock than soul/jazz like Amy.

  23. Garrett :

    This is really good.

  24. Sasty :

    Amanda Jenssen’s new “Amarula Tree” became her second number one hit after only three days of sales. This time she’s written the song herself. You can listen to the song at

  25. Toshiba :

    Like Amanda! But wider range than May Winehouse? Hmmmm don’t really think so. I know for a fact that Sony BMG said that “we need a song with amy winehouse sound”, and that made me sad. Amanda should do artrock!


  26. Sasty :

    Now Amanda Jenssens debut album Killing my darling has been out for a week and a half. It immediately went number one in Sweden and number three on iTunes Europe and has also gained rave reviews.
    2-3 minutes of each song on the album can be heard here:

  27. Joey :

    very impressed by this. great raspy vocal that sounds like its on the verge of breaking in that high range.

  28. jess :

    this is seriously one of the best songs i’ve heard in a long time. yea, it’s sort of an amy winehouse rip, only without the crazy. i like it a lot and the lyrics are simple but catchy. thanks so much for posting this.

  29. Niamh :

    Brilliant. FINALLY put a name to the song I’ve had for ages. Will go out and buy her album. Best darn set of lungs I’ve heard from a woman in a long, long time.

  30. hiemeld :

    мда.. занятно !