Eddy Meets Yannah

brazilian broken beat // soul-jazz // dance

There are a lot of things happening in the Balkans’ music scene: in most cases unheard and unknown widely. While there’s an obvious lack of coverage on Eddy Meets Yannah in the blogosphere, the Zagreb-based duo was praised by Gilles Peterson of BBC’s Radio 1 and has remixed musical pieces of such artists as Elisabeth Shepherd and Bobby Caldwell. With Eddy at the decks and Yannah’s vocal and arrangement talents, the two experiment in mixing sweaty broken beats, nu-jazz and soulful house. Unless you listen closely to the lyrics, you might not even recognize “Can’t Hide Love” is a futuristically-retro version of the classic Earth, Wind and Fire track.

Blending energetic fusion and the seductive quality of sound.
Eddy Meets Yannah – Can’t Hide Love
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4 Responses to “Eddy Meets Yannah”

  1. Imanuel :

    Just got hip to your site. Absolutely love the cuts you feature. I play a lot of the same stuff on my site (www.dirtybrown.com) but with more of an emphasis on the hip hop side of things. Check it out if your interested and keep up the brilliant work!

  2. brandon :

    i’ve listened to them before on a hed kandi cd compilation. reach the sky is a great track that they did :)

  3. vaughn :

    I’ve been terribly remiss in not leaving comments but I’ve been enjoying your site for some while now and passing it on to other music loving friends… its not easy to find new/good music. Thanks!!

  4. Amy Stone :

    Me too Vaughn! I have been telling everyone about this site, good work…very close to my (and everyone else’s heart) feelings and heart! NICE!