Podington Bear

comic electronic // downtempo // dream pop

Running in a similar vein to the cartoony electronic duo Toy, Podington Bear delights ears in crafting accessible and dynamic dream pop. Podington is a bear from Portland, Oregon. A bear who makes a new song for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Typically, such prolificacy would indicate the songs must be subpar, but Bear surprised my expectations. The samples and synths aren’t anything innovative, but the songwriting reminds me of producers like William Orbit and Kaskade.

Friendly and lovely tunes from an unassuming bear.
Podington Bear – Steppin In
Podington Bear – Frogs In Tuxes
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4 Responses to “Podington Bear”

  1. Emily :

    Airy, light, unexpected, and glowing Joyous romp.

  2. Prasant Sivadasan :

    Oodles of bloops and bleeps make my ears go yippee! Awesome!

  3. Altershane :

    This is one tres sympa song. I couldn’t believe how simple, yet sweet it is :o)

  4. Anonymous :

    So good! Thanks for sharing!