Hello Stranger

california glam-pop // breezy electro-rock

The keytar is our first tip-off. The way its plaintive, dull-yet-sunny sound meshes with Juliette Commagere’s vocals, the electronic overlays, the rich bounce of bass, is a recipe for some very catchy pop. It’s a new-new-wave sound, shiny and nostalgic; it siphons something of Blondie and Berlin, of Latin pop and Irish ditties, and swirls the whole thing into a dance party. Hailing from Silverlake CA, Hello Stranger, formerly Vagenius, are effortlessly attuned to and enamored of LA’s decadent, chintzy, eclectic culture of Hip. Their lyrics admit as much with nonchalant honesty – that is, when they are not being all tongue-in-cheek.

Feels like you’ve been humming these melodies forever
Hello Stranger – Her In These Lights
Hello Stranger- Es Tu Vida

Post contributed by Natalia
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10 Responses to “Hello Stranger”

  1. Hilco :

    Sounds great, how many languages do they perform on their album?

  2. Kenji :

    excellent! thanks! :-)

  3. Daniel :

    Fantastic! I’ll have to look up more of their music. Your blog is quite good, and well worth a spot on my feed reader for the bands you’ve introduced me to.


  4. Mark Spenser's Dream Auditorium :

    Despite the silly picture these guys come out sounding very catchy, fresh & fun. Good call!

  5. Dee :

    I agree that the picture is silly but their music is great it makes up for it.
    I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it.. thanks for sharing this wonderful music with us :)

  6. Roland :

    Very nice! Thanks for the introduction.

  7. loops :

    “Her in these lights” is superb, thanks for pointing them out!

  8. Levi :

    I might check these guys out in Austin, TX next week.

  9. Kev :

    “Her In These Lights” is utterly fantastic. Thanks for posting both tracks–I hadn’t heard of ’em before.

    And if the picture’s silly, well, it’s done its job–which is to make people look, to be distinctive, and to be memorable in a way that doesn’t blend in with all the other zillion photos of pasty guys with scruffy almost-beards and horn-rimmed glasses we see everywhere! (Disclaimer: I’m basically one of those guys.) As for me, I like the photo.

  10. Eric :

    Turns out the singer was formerly in The Trilambs as Boobie Grande!