swedish roots reggae

Swedish roots reggae, you read, with your eyebrow arching high? Oh yes. Of course I gave it the same skepticism that I give Japanese hip hop; how exactly can a culture so far away and even with different climatology bring authenticity and maturity to the genre? And yet this Swedish nonet creates a sound that is both respectful and innovative. You can’t deny ‘Ur Jord’ doesn’t have the catchiness of a Ben Harper or Dispatch tune, while ‘En Timme Kvar Att Leva’ starts you off completely differently−suddenly you feel like you’re in a Yann Tiersen score. (Amelie, perhaps?)

Musical roots meet songwriting ingenuity.
Kultiration – Ur Jord
Kultiration – En Timme Kvar Att Leva
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13 Responses to “Kultiration”

  1. James :

    Ya rasta. The reggae music is universal. Keep the soul pulsing through the heart, sound vibrations dance down to tapping toes, jah love flows… spread positivity, sustainability, mama gaia offers livity, feet grounded, head in the clouds, heart surrounds everything… creating balance

  2. Anonymous :

    I love it! I’ve been listening to these two tracks all afternoon non-stop!

    The spoken part in “Ur Jord” with the mock Spanish accent sounds like a parody, which is a pity…

    Anyway, great stuff.

  3. Paul Irish :

    Hah. I’m with you, anon.
    Don’t really know why they put that in, definitely takes away from the groove.
    But whatever, I can’t stop scatting along to this track.

  4. DJ-RJ :

    Nice tracks! Thanks for turning me to them!


  5. Fredrik :

    Hey! How come that you often post bands from Scandinavia? You’ve heard of bands that I’ve never heard of and I’m from Sweden :) Well well, it’s good shit so keep posting!


  6. Paul Irish :

    Fredrik, haha i’m not sure! Scandinavian groups just have this allure to them that I can’t escape. I’m glad you’re digging on it. I bet Kultiration’s live show is killer; seek it out!

  7. Anonymous :

    Brilliant!! I really lik it. Im a native spanish speaker and you know for me the spanish part in Ur Jord sound very good and they send us a very nice message – One people One love – One planet
    The right reggae spirit
    Thank you bro for share, again you have 5 stars
    paz y baile+
    Manuelito Rastafari

  8. Anonymous :

    this song sort of snuck up on me. nice pick.

  9. Christofer :

    Who says the Spanish is faked? Sounds like authentic Spanish to me. This is my favorite band and I just wanted you to know that you should put up “Utan fotfäste”, one of my favorites. They’re coming out with a new CD in April. Just found this site BTW, might stick around :)

  10. Jemist :

    Hey man, how’s thangs? Just wondering if you were down with the New Zealand dub/ reggae/ drum n’ bass sound?

    I don’t have much time at the moment (in class), but I’m assuming you’ve heard what is probably the most famous of them all — Fat Freddy’s Drop? Totally recommended. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out Based On A True Story. All sorts of ill.

    Then there’s names like Salmonella Dub, Rhombus, etc., etc.,

    Hit me up if you wanna get down, ya?

  11. javejavor :

    Excellent roots reggae sound, with a folk twist. Just brilliant! It’s just so hard to get over in Germany or Switzerland…

  12. gorida :

    Kultiration are just wowwow – live. Jemist, thanx for mentioning ‘Fat Freddy’s Drop’. Btw, ‘ love your blog. Good job.

  13. Tony :

    Kultiration is Awesome! One of the best Ive heard in years. Damn! I hope they tour Los Angele, California USA. Regae here sucks.lol the only band we have that even comes close is Groundation.