Miles Davis

soundtrack jazz // hard bop // film noir

To record this soundtrack, Miles Davis stood in front of a screen, watched the movie, and played in the moment, improvising his own musical impressions of the drama on-screen. The music of this film, Ascenseur Pour L’Echafaud, helped define the sound of film noir–the slow-walking bass beats and muted, slithering horn lines miming the characters’ action and emotion. Perfect tunes for relaxing, studying, or just completely zoning out. [Thx Angad]

Nostalgia and suspicion from jazz’s finest.
Miles Davis – Nuit Sur Les Champs-Elysees (take 2)
Miles Davis – Final (take 1)
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9 Responses to “Miles Davis”

  1. Jared :

    very nice.

  2. Marco Raaphorst :

    Miles is always cool. One thing: it’s not all improvised. Miles was working on the tunes a week before.

  3. Anonymous :

    The Criterion Collection release of Elevator to the Gallows features a small film of Miles Davis during a recording session of the soundtrack, along with an interview with Louis Malle.

  4. Dittman :

    Great choice! This was the first jazz CD I purchased and my wife just bought me a new copy for Valentines Day. For me, it’s the backbone laid down by Michelot and Clarke that really help everything to coalesce.

  5. Paul Irish :

    Glad to hear it, Dittman. In fact, I’m usually not too keen on Miles’s music, but these tracks just stood out at me. So chill, so sublime.

  6. Charles :

    If you like the music, check out the Criterion DVD of Elevator to the Gallows. It’s wonderful, and the jazz accompanies it beautifully.

  7. LogJammin' :

    Wow, this is the damndest thing! I thought I was the only one who loved this record so much, but hey, here you all are. I listen to this every night as I fall asleep.

    I’m extremely new to jazz, so people have been telling me to listen to Miles’ bigger, more critically-acclaimed releases: Birth, Sketches, etc. But after feeling lukewarm on all of them, I stumbled across this little gem. Now I have a starting point for jazz.

  8. Chris :

    thanks for reminding me I need to replace my original cd that got nicked several years back – a fabulous album!

  9. Anonymous :

    Good post. I found little information on the biographies of Miles Davis. Maybe someone will be interesting.