kids tv + exotica + scandinavian electro

Psapp + The Books + Plink Plank Plunk might be a bit of an addition simplification, but you’ll hear those elements. Cute synth bleeps and bloops, casio rhythms, and all those samples of household items that the hipster kids love oh so much. Although it’s got the construction technique of Jorgen Traeen (who worked produced Sondre Lerche, Magnet and Jaga Jazzist), I’d call the music a bit too cocktail-party-in-outer-space to show up on Grey’s Anatomy or anything mainstream. But being a low brass man, I smile at their amateur euphonium work. Well played.

Frisky, frolicsome, impish, sportive, waggish.
Toy – Golden Fish In Pool
Toy – Rabbit Pushing Mower
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13 Responses to “Toy”

  1. Roland :

    This is really fun stuff. Thanks a lot!

  2. Jared :

    these are great morning songs for before work :) happy day.

  3. runman :

    Not sure what to make of Toy, hurdy gurdy in a tumbledryer :))
    Also Paul, what do you mean by.. “But being a low brass man”

  4. Paul Irish :

    @Runman: I used to play the tuba. (And baritone horn/euphonium/bass trombone) 7 years. :)

  5. Angela :

    Sigh… these songs just make me feel so happy! :D I can just imagine a little rabbit pushing along one of those push mowers over bright green grass on a loverly warm sunny day… I can listen to that song again and again… Sigh…

  6. Dave :

    I feel young again!

  7. Anonymous :

    I am having trouble finding a place to buy there CD. I don’t want to use amazon market place and CD Universe has put me on back order. Do they have a website I could order from?

  8. Paul Irish :

    buying links:

    good luck!

  9. 4casey4 :

    Just stopped by for new music and my 9 year old daughter went crazy for the Golden fish song. Larytta gets a break.


  10. Anonymous :

    good stuff! almost mouse on mars-ish.

  11. kefir :

    Great fun. Made me smile :)

  12. Enkeling :

    Reminded me of a electronic version of High Llamas. Fun!

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