Brisa Roché

intimate songwriting // feminine rock and roll

American born Brisa Roché (real name La Brisa Day Roché) has traveled all over the world from her hometown in the north of California and currently residing in Paris, where she’s released her debut album The Chase (2005). After spending time in such countries as Russia and Romania (where she toured as a young teen), New Mexico (where she continued pursuing her private vision of jazz) and plenty of other places, she finally gets back to Paris where she dives into jazz as a way of life.
Intimate, jazzy, widely influenced yet so very individual.

Brisa Roché – Mystery Man
Brisa Roché – Coco
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13 Responses to “Brisa Roché”

  1. Karsh :

    Great first post! I am particularly fond of “Torchlight” and “Sugarfight”.

  2. Runman :

    Cool post Julija, welcome and thanks.

  3. Peecat :

    Wow! I like both tracks a lot…thanks for turning me on to her…

  4. sabas :

    good 1st post Julija.Phil is tired and old?! lol

  5. Anonymous :

    wow, amazing. thanks for these

  6. Julija :

    Thanks everyone. Glad you enjoy the tracks.

  7. The Frenchman :

    Hello mates! Just wanted to inform you about mu humble blog where i write about swedish music. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

    PS: I update the site daily and I write about all kinds of music.


  8. Mike :

    Find out more about Brisa at my blog:

  9. Anonymous :

    her mouth looks very strange. hm.

  10. jay morgans :

    check out

    especially difranco wants me.mp3

    a must for all chick folk fans, no doubt

  11. Anonymous :

    Oho, cia ir lietuve raso :)

  12. Julija :

    Taip, raso. :) Next time leave more comments and in English, please. :)

  13. EmaJUa :

    No files available!? :((