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With a name that translates to “little boy”, you can expect to be surprised by this Brazilian’s music. Curumin will open a song with your traditional brazilian instrumentation – sprinkles of ganza, strums of the cavaquinho, and rubs of the cuíca – but he’ll then roll in his octave-dipping synth bass and his wide ass-shaking beats. He expertly brings together 1970s funk and the hash haze of São Paulo street music, all set to a modern, accessible beat. Curumin’s debut, Achados e Perdidos, was just released on Quannum, DJ Shadow’s side label that also houses Lyrics Born, Apsci, and Blackalicious. [via]
Baile, bossa and a healthy dose of straight-up bounce.

Curumin – Guerreiro
Curumin – Tudo Bem Malandro
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16 Responses to “Curumin”

  1. Anonymous :

    U just red my mind!!!! I was just going to suggest this artist to you. Please, help to spread his name. I tried to buy the CD at a store in Brazil, but no one knew about him (I almost break into tears..!)
    Quanumm has great stuff…

    Try Romanowsky if you like this kind of stuff..


    LaLe from Argentina

  2. ajw :

    yay baile, and yay Quannum.

    (his singing reminds me of los lobos…)

  3. tom :

    i love the bass.

  4. Anonymous :

    check Maga Bo

    // move it to //

  5. Merv :

    Thanks for posting this. Looks like I’ll have to add this album to my shopping list.

  6. wayne&wax :

    good stuff. reminds me of some of tom ze’s recordings. if you haven’t heard it yet, you’ve definitely got to get your ears on a copy of his album, “jogos de armar”–a modern masterpiece of brazilian sound sculpture (both trad and rad) and quirky songwriting.

  7. solesides :

    peace from – thanks for mentioning Curumin. It’s an awesome album.

  8. Anonymous :

    This is great! I agree, very reminiscent of Tom Zé and maybe Nação Zumbi. Funky, yes … but sounds nothing like baile funk. I think labeling it as such may be misleading to some listeners. But thanks for the great sounds.

  9. Anonymous :

    I agree, I don’t really hear any baile funk in Curumin, but I love him just the same. SP has a great music scene!

  10. Anonymous :

    the “Guerreiro” song seems so derivative…. he manages to lift joe cocker, stevie wonder and marvin gaye all at the same time. The verse is *exactly* like “feelin’ alright”, the chorus sounds just like that stevie wonder song, mmm, I’m blanking on the name, sorry….that other song, “Tudo Bem Malandro” is better though; more original… I hope it’s more reflective of the rest of his album

  11. Anonymous :

    I have fallen in love. Thank you so much for suggesting this artist!

  12. Joey :

    Great album! Does anyone know where 2 get the lyrics in english? Or is someone bored enough to translate them? ;) If so please mail 2

  13. david-amsterdam :

    its brillaint! heard it on the radio and i was like, who the hell is this!! I got to have it! now i got a few songs, finally! the song samba japa you got to listen, its so cool!
    greetz from amsterdam

  14. Klute :

    I saw this band play at the Barbican in London. They have a great sound, great songs, and they are all good musicians that can really play. And when they covered Stevie Wonder’s ‘You havn’t done nothing’, they made it special, like their own song.

  15. Anonymous :

    His album’s got some really great stuff. I may not understand what he’s saying, but his songs “Samba Japa” and “Vem Menina” are smooooooth. I think his influences include Stevie Wonder and Tom Zé.

  16. Flávia Durante :