Arctic Monkeys

british indie rock

This Sheffield four-man rock group has a large devoted following in Britain and their sound is slowly encroaching on the American music elite. Nearly all the tastemakers in this Guardian piece and KCRW’s illuminatae Nic Harcourt are feeling their sound. The Arctic Monkey’s music is likened to the Libertines and The Jam, and the boys themselves enjoy Roots Manuva and Pharaoh Monch. But don’t be mistaken, their music is straight-up rock and many expect them to be the Next Big Thing. You decide.
Shithot indie rock, witty lyrics and a dash of modesty.

Arctic Monkeys – A Certain Romance
Arctic Monkeys – Fake Tales Of San Francisco
Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (14mb video)
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13 Responses to “Arctic Monkeys”

  1. Paul Irish :

    WMV version of the above music video here. Only 5mb.

  2. m4r13 :

    Those one are really great. I’m new around, but I really love some of the song you put. I will look what I can find in french that can intriguate you…

    #crazy lazy french#

  3. paul :

    yeah,the arctics rock,going to see them in pompey uk this friday cant wait! the indie scene in the uk is awesome at the moment,check out
    the rakes
    the dead 60s and loads more

  4. Joe :

    this is a cheap way of sending a message to Paul, it has nothing to do with Artic Monkeys… except that I think the name is freakin sweet.
    Paul, is there a reason why you aren’t listed in iTunes’s podcast directory? legal stuff?

  5. Paul Irish :

    I only assume so.. I got this email two weeks ago:
    Cher créateur de podcast,

    Votre podcast a été supprimé de l’iTunes Music Store en raison de violations du copyright.

    Si votre problème peut être résolu, vous pouvez procéder aux modifications nécessaires au niveau de votre flux RSS, puis publier à nouveau votre podcast sur le Music Store.

    Meilleures salutations,
    L’équipe du Music Store

  6. Adonis :

    I don’t like this at all, actually. Sounds like the Walkmen but slightly poppier. I’ve heard to many bands that sound like this recently.

  7. hikarugongju :

    Yesssss….San Francisco is awesome!! Great song :)

  8. Anonymous :

    Checking them out in toronto… love the sound, hope they put on the show that i anticpate

  9. Anonymous :

    Like the variety, like the intensity and the lyrics & as for the guy that said sounds like the “Walkmen” time to get some new speakers pal… Seeing AC tonight @ in NY at Mercury & can’t wait!

  10. Laura :

    I love both songs, especially a certain romance.

    I’m going to go try and get ahold of this cd now.


  11. ggirl82 :

    I’ll be seeing them on Monday in Toronto with Oasis.Can’t wait.
    They’ll both be awesome.

  12. mR :

    Arctic Monkey = awesome. Josh Homme = awesomer–humbug

  13. adam korchok :

    Um, Artic Monkeys? Never heard of? Are ye touched in head? The Artic Monkeys are often heard on Mainstream radio. Screw this site, it’s full of crap.