Emilie Simon

female vocal electronica // orchestral folktronica

An eerie glockenspiel speaks. A xylophone answers. With the sound of streaked glass, Emilie asks of you, ‘Won’t you open for me, the door to your ice world?’ “The Frozen World” is a beautiful concoction of shivery sounds – the most subtle and crippled samples tense you up while Emilie holds the bass entry till nearly a minute into the song. She manages to hit the right combination of warm bass, swells of strings and her voice to the point where your spine shivers. Turn the volume up on this one. “To the Dancers on the Ice” hits you like a 7am hug after a sleepless night. Pair it with Ratatat’s “Cherry” on your mix cds – together they’re divine.
Beautifully crafted songs direct from childhood imagination.

Emilie Simon – The Frozen World
Emilie Simon – To The Dancers On The Ice

Trailer for La Marche de l’empereur (songs are from the soundtrack)
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8 Responses to “Emilie Simon”

  1. Anonymous :

    thank you for the artist rec, this is simply beautiful.

  2. nichole :


  3. Anonymous :


    If you like this kind of stuff, you should probably give Mum a listen – it’s also very good.


  4. Nic Dafis :

    Bendigedig, diolch yn fawr.

    Wonderful, thank you.

  5. Anonymous :

    Aahh. Beautiful.

  6. Ana Begins :

    emilie simon released a song called “flowers” some time ago… it’s got the most beautiful video i’ve seen… you should check it out, specially if you like tim burton

  7. Auden :

    Good call on pairing To The Dancers on The Ice with Cherry, they went very well together. You’re like a music sommelier.

  8. Anonymous :

    I love this kind of music… i realy love it… its the most beautifull music i ever heard