Olav Basoski

funky house // disco house

[Guest post from D. Laster today] The repetetive bass kicks and hi-hat snarls of house music will never cease to create the perfect late-night dance club moment. Dutch producer Olav Basoski uses a signature blend of hard hitting house beats, filtered disco breakdowns, and perfectious timing to get bodies moving with every track. Basoski has an extensive discography, including commisioned remixes for Moby, Bob Marley, and James Brown. He recently started Rootz Records with DJs Alex Romano and Silverius where he has released a series of transitional tracks for DJs entitled RTZ Tools. Check out this 2005 remix of Rockefeller’s “Do It 2 Nite”, itself a remake of SOS Band’s r&b classic, “Take Your Time”.
Funky, groovin’ house music all night long.

Rockefeller – Do It 2 Nite (Olav Basoski remix)
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2 Responses to “Olav Basoski”

  1. the rpc :

    a pretty good remix of a classic. i could see havin some fun with this in the club after having a few.

  2. Paul Irish :

    Addendum: This is the “Aurgasm Mp3blog Edit” of the song. I strategically shortened the song to four minutes. ;-] The original remix is a little over 8 minutes long.