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My commute home, like yours, is a time to unwind and forget your day’s stresses. Luckily, Boston’s WERS has a daily reggae program (Rockers) that helps me out huge. Listening for the past week, a couple gems stand out: the drop leaf riddim and this dynamic track “Sunshine Girl” by Capleton. Featuring Bob’s second son, Stephen Marley, “Sunshine Girl” erupts with life; a playful bassline gives way to a gets-in-your-head chorus. Stephen’s innocent voice sings the killer hook and Capleton covers the verses with flawless Jamaican ragga style.
The summertime reggae anthem. Pairs beautifully with sunshine.

Capleton – Sunshine Girl (feat. Stephen Marley)
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5 Responses to “Capleton”

  1. Anonymous :

    Great post! Hey, what’s the jam playing on the link to drop leaf riddim? What sweetness. Thanks.

  2. Paul Irish :

    Thank ya. :-]
    The track playing on that site is Jah Cure – Longing For
    The Maxi Priest track (I Believe) is pretty tight, too.

  3. Anonymous :

    do you know that some capelton concerts have been canceled in France because of his homophobia ?

  4. Paul Irish :

    Yeah, unfortunately some of the biggest artists in dancehall are huge homophobes. Quite horrible, really.

  5. Anonymous :

    It’s not a question of homophobia but an explanation of what things are and how they used to be. Whithout the union of a woman and a man life is over and what Real Rastamans want to support and celebrate is Life. It’s a justified worry about our future days.