The Chemical Brothers

big beat // funky electronica

This powerful duo debuted originally with the name “The Dust Brothers”, but an American group with the same name (later well-known for the Fight Club soundtrack) pressed some litigation and forced a change. Though mildly bitter, the british Chemical Brothers carried on, releasing their first album appropriately named Exit Planet Dust. Now, ten years later, the two release Push The Button, a break-rocking record exploring their trademark dance-rock-rap mix. Though “Galvanize” has gotten the first-single attention, it’s the sophisticated dance track “The Boxer” that rocks this record. Hard.
Sorry Fatboy, they’ve come a longer way, baby.

The Chemical Brothers – The Boxer (Feat. Tim Burgess)
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6 Responses to “The Chemical Brothers”

  1. EJ :

    This new record is BANGIN. I started to post this when I reviewed the record a couple weeks back, but opted for “Hold Tight London” and “Galvanize”. Want to peep those tracks? You can do it by clicking here. Excellent choice, Paul.

  2. Ryan :

    I’m not crazy about this record, though “The Boxer” is certainly one of the best tracks. That and “Close Your Eyes” are the best, “Galvanize” is rubbish (Q-Tip continues with the terrible guests spots)–why get a guy known for being calm and cool on such a jump-jumpin’ track?

  3. Scott :

    I loves me some Chemical Brothers.

  4. Angel :

    I’ve just found your site through a link to a link to a link (as these things go) and it’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing music with us!

    I’ve personally bought loads of music based on MP3s I’ve downloaded. It can only be a good thing for good, original artists. So, again, I thank you.

  5. ian :

    The feel-good Madchester, Acid House, Summer of Love vibe is back? It gets a little wonky in the middle but this is pretty hot overall.

    Nice site, fam.

  6. Anonymous :


    I love this blog… and would probably love this song *if it was still available* — as with many other links, says “page not found”… what gives???