DJ Shadow

heavy hip-hop // turntablism

This man is nothing new to you, and rightfully so. He’s musician of absolute talent, a dj doing justice for the two letters in front of his name. Ever since his debut Entroducing, he’s blown his listeners’ minds. He rocks out on some wild beats ‘n vinyl, here kicking the shit hott with lyricist Roots Manuva. While you’re dropping this song, be sure to drop by John Book’s ultimate DJ Shadow Sample page, it’s got every single sample documented — ridiculous. (The URL changes regularly, peep this to stay updated.) More bass.
The perfect heavy-hitting rhythm to get your git-buzy weekend bumpin’.

DJ Shadow – GDMFSOB (UNKLE Uncensored mix feat. Roots Manuva)

10 Responses to “DJ Shadow”

  1. R. Piggy :

    Oh my god, he’s white?!

  2. deus|diabolus :

    A very talented musician, and a really pleasant and unassuming guy to talk to. I met him and his crate-digging buddy Dante a year or so ago…they came into the record shop where I worked. The record store is gone now, but it’s nice to know that they found some things there.

  3. Anonymous :

    hey, i just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite mp3 blogs. i haven’t seen anything on here i didn’t like. Keep on rockin.


  4. darwin :

    G D M F S O B


    Roots Manuva rips it too.



  5. darwin :

    Oh, and hahah.. John Book!

    The man behind the legendary “U-Wu” newsletter from back in the day.. when the Wu Tang Clan was actually worth paying attention to. There’s a blast from the past!


  6. Anonymous :

    grtz from – the webpage for DJ Shadow, Quannum, Blackalicious, Maroons, Lyrics Born and more

  7. Anonymous :

    saw him in a record store and he was looking at his own stuff, and after speaking to him a bit I had to ask him why he was perusing the DJ Shadow section.

    He was moving all of his albums from the ‘Electronic’ section to the Hip Hop section.

    I thought that was pretty awesome, heh.

  8. Anonymous :

    Damn, Roots Manuva seems to be guesting on everything these days.

  9. Alastair :


    I’ve been trying to convince myself that I hate this song so that I don’t have to shell out the $25 to buy it on Japanese import. But it’s NOT WORKING!

    Aaargh! I can’t take it any more! I have to have it!

  10. Anonymous :

    kick ass song!!

    im trying to find similar tracks!!any ideas??