The Gay Pimp


I’m nearly sure this hasn’t made its rounds as the next internet meme, but it surely deserves it. Gay performer Jonny McGovern crafted this catchy, sexy, and hilarious tune about doing manly things. The music video for this deliciously dirty song is even wilder; after Molly shared it around, she came back to me with, “a bunch of lmao are being sent to me.” Oh yeah. ‘I like to do manly things, but I like to do them with you. I was thinking we could go do… something dirtyyyy yeah.’
It’s so gaytasticly dirty, it’ll make you feel like you need a shower.

The Gay Pimp – Soccer Practice
The Gay Pimp – Soccer Practice (video) (at bottom)

3 Responses to “The Gay Pimp”

  1. Anonymous :

    Not sure whether to thank you for this insanity or attempt to whack you over the head via highspeed internet. Either way…it was an interesting way to spend those four minutes!


  2. Anonymous :

    it’s sad, but the song is really catchy, and the video is so intriguing that i can never ONLY watch it once. then i catch myself singing it in my head all day.

    now that’s gaytastic.

  3. Anonymous :

    TOTALLY stuck in my head.