Carlos Vives

latin pop // tropical // vallenato puya

There’s some times in life where you need the happiest song possible to sing along with and dance. And that’s exactly where Carlos Vives delivers with ‘Pa’ Mayté’. In it, the traditional vallenato accordion and guacharaca are joined by chirping Andean flutes and a full-on Latin rock rhythm section creating a rich pan-Colombian fusion. It’ll get ya dancey.
When you find yourself wanting to sing along with this catchy tropical tune, I’ve got you covered.

Carlos Vives – Pa’ Mayté

Also: I’ve been trying my darndest to keep all of aurgasm’s songs online, but I’ve finally run out of space. So before I start deleting the old stuff, hit up the archives and listen around. There’s some damn fine music in these past couple months: [Sept],[Oct],[Aug],[Nov].

9 Responses to “Carlos Vives”

  1. Paul Irish :

    Carlos Vives – Pa’ Mayté Lyrics

    Y ahí llego yo
    llego yo y ahí vamo´ a vé
    y ahí vamo´a vé
    vamo a vé como es gozá
    como es gozá
    es gozá con el bembé
    con el bembé
    el bembé africano e´
    Mírala que linda e´
    linda e´
    linda e´y se le vé
    se le vé
    se le vé yo no se qué
    no se qué
    no se qué tiene Mayté

    Y ahí llego yo…
    y ahí vamo a vé…
    como es gozá…
    con el bembé…

    No me pregunten
    cuando me voy
    si a mí me sigue gustando el pueblo dónde soy
    Que me perdonen
    si yo me quejo
    pero me gusta más como la canta Alejo
    Soy pacífico, soy caribe
    y en Santa Marta juego fútbol con el Pibe
    Quiero gritarlo
    lo voy hacé
    Viva Palenque y viva Pambelé

    Ahí llego yo
    llego yo y ahí vamo´ a vé
    y ahí vamo´a vé
    vamo a vé como es gozá
    como es gozá
    es gozá con el bembé
    con el bembé
    el bembé africano e´
    Y ahí llego yo…
    y ahí vamo´a vé…
    como es gozá…
    con el bembé…

  2. Anonymous :

    ah, indeed a very happy dancing singing song. thanks for the song and lyrics!

  3. guanoboy :

    Thanks so much for the warning on your taking down songs…I’ve been meaning to go through your past posts…and well, now that I have let me say you’re pretty darn consistantly great!



  4. El Vikingo Holandes :

    Ahhh, Carlos Vives! Have been listening to him for some years now, and just love the music. It always works to lift me up, or at a party with Latinamericans, or Spanish.
    Especially his song (and album) ‘El Amor De Mi Tierra’ never fails to bring a smile to my face, no matter how grey and dark the winter days can get.
    Check out the new album too: ‘El Rock De Mi Pueblo’, or the songs ‘Caballito’, ‘Fruta Fresca’, ‘Luna Nueva’ and ‘Tu Amor Eterno’.
    And the lyrics as well… ahhh… just to fall in love by! So exquisite, so rich, full and full of life…

  5. Jojadog :

    Great Song!
    I Can’t stop from shaking my body parts.

  6. Anonymous :

    This song has been somewhat of a cult classic among my friends after it was introduced to me by my friend (who runs this blog.) I am pleased to see that a lot of people have enjoyed this song as I have. The interesting thing about the song, is that if you use altavista to translate it, it doesn’t make any sense. thats about it. awesome song that encompasses a lot of feelings as you listen and share the ethnic experiance.


  7. Ana_Begins :

    the reason altavista doesn’t translate it it’s because it’s written in slang of the northern coast of Colombia, where they don’t pronounce final S and R’s … it goes something like:

    Here I Come
    I come and we’ll see
    we’ll se what’s to party
    what’s to party
    to party with the Bembé (1)
    With the Bembé
    the african Bembé
    Look at her
    Look at how pretty she is
    she’s pretty and you can see
    you can see
    you can see i-don’t-know-what
    i don’t know what
    I don’t know what is that Mayté (2) has


    Don’t ask me
    when i’m leaving
    if I still like the town where I’m from
    Forgive me
    If I complain
    But I like the way Alejo (3) sings it better
    I’m pacific, I’m caribbean
    and in Santa Marta (4) I play football with El Pibe (5)
    I want to Scream It
    I will do it
    Horray Palenque (6) Horray Pambele (7)

    (1) Musical Instrument
    (2) Woman’s Name
    (3) Alejo Duran, famous vallenato singer
    (4) Colombian city where Carlos Vives was born
    (5) El Pibe Valderrama, football player
    (6) Town that was founded by african slaves
    (7) El Kid Pambelé, boxer

  8. Anonymous :

    Pa’ is slang to say “For”
    Mayté, is a woman’s name,
    So, For Mayté…

  9. sandra :

    post. “la gota fria” also from carlos vives. awesome song