DJ Z-Trip

motown remixed // soul // funk

Imagine all the hottest tracks of Motown, all mashed up in a megamix of soulful body-movin’ music. DJ Z-Trip delivers exactly that in this 9-minute long non-stop funk-fest. He drops into it with some Jackson 5 loads you up with the finest grooves of The Temptations, and even forcefeeds you some hard-hitting Edwin Starr. DJ Z-Trip is widely regarded as one of the finest sampling and mashup professionals, alongside 2 Many DJ’s, Double D and Steinski, Coldcut, and The Avalances. Peep the excellent interview over at Downhill Battle, and also check out the great things they’re doing to protect our right to listen to music.
The very best of Motown’s finest groove-filled gems.

DJ Z-Trip – Motown Breakdown

3 Responses to “DJ Z-Trip”

  1. darío :

    Here in Buenos Aires, in a sunny day, this is the best way to start this brand new week…
    Kudos to U, here a loyal listener…

  2. Tuwa :

    Fun, funky track, thanks. Good looking out. ^_^

  3. Anonymous :

    The best thing about Z-trip is he’s turntables only. No computer mashing. Just straight mixing. Give me a shout if you don’t have “Uneasy Listening Vol. 1” it’s crazy good.