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This song isn’t about Faultline. It’s not about how as a child he blew out his left lung while playing clarinet in orchestra. No. What distinguishes this song from the rest of the tracks on Faultline’s recently re-released album is the melancholy voice of Coldplay’s Chris Martin. It’s bare, fragile, and leaking wistful emotion at the sides. This should have been the hidden track on Rush of Blood to the Head.
You listen, you lose focus, and you beat yourself up over why you let her leave; why aren’t you holding her tight right now?

Faultline – Your Love Means Everything (Part 2)

4 Responses to “Faultline”

  1. Anonymous :

    Hi Paul,
    I am a big fan of Coldplay, thanks for the mp3 featuring Chris Martin, it’s very somber but beautifull !

  2. Garrincha :

    Faultline’s first album, Colder, is much more experimental and worth a listen … He’s also acting, and quite nicely, as a producer for his label.

  3. Paul Irish :

    Garrincha is talking about Faultline’s 1999 album Closer Colder. It’s all intrumental and amazon characterizes it as “a largely successful attempt to explore dark urban beats while pushing slick, cinematic textures far beyond the typical soundscapes.”

    If you’re curious, the more recent album, Your Love Means Everything is a little better, mostly its more accessible to the general listener due to the rockstar collaborations. (Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne and Michael Stipe).
    However it’s not perfect: I think the Stipe track “Greenfields” feels surprisingly forced, like Stipe is reading the lyrics off a sheet of paper. However, the Coyne track is pretty solid, as is the other song with Chris Martin, “Where Is My Boy.”
    Faultline’s website has more video and audio.

  4. Caley :

    Oh, I really like this, the perfect companion to a COLD winter evening, thanks!