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Awash in aural beauty. A sonic landscape of life unfolding. Electronica heads know Plaid’s 1999 album Rest Proof Clockwork well, and for good reason; it’s a talent showcase of the more experimental side of electronica. “Ralome” is less experimental, more ethereal. Synthesizers so soft, so gentle — luscious round droplets of sound hop-skotching into your ears. Silky sonics wrapping warm legs around you while looking up at the stars. How’s that sound?
One of the most gentle melodic lines you’ll find in all of electronica.

Plaid – Ralome

5 Responses to “Plaid”

  1. Nick Francis :

    Another beautiful find, Paul. I’d never heard of these guys before; now I want to hear more. This tune will fit perfectly with my QuietFM radio program. Into the library it goes. Thanks again.

  2. Paul Irish :

    I’m glad you enjoy it. The rest of Rest Proof Clockwork is excellent. I really wanted to post “Shackblu” but it’s a bit less accessible (read: more weird.).
    Plaid really doesn’t have any other songs like “Ralome” oddly, but some other experimental artists that somewhat do are Shpongle, The Sushi Club, Telefon Tel Aviv, Global Communication, and chris clark; some of which I’ll post in a while.

  3. Anonymous :

    I’m so envious of your skill with describing so accurately the mood and tone of your music picks. Your words are so evocative that they convince me to download songs that I might normally skip on first sight. Well done, and continue to introduce us to your favorites! (And continue to grace audiography with your presence!)


  4. R. Piggy :

    I’m down with gay soccer. Ooops, wrong post.

  5. Anonymous :

    Yes! Plaid’s whole collection, from their early early Black Dog stuff up through to Spokes, is fantastically excellent. Easily one of the top 5 electronic artists out there. I’d recommend starting from the beginning and working your way through.

    I’d have to agree they don’t have other songs quite like Ralome, but there’s a big diversity to their music.

    Best Ralome moment: standing outside of Founders Hall, alone with headphones, and the snow started to come down. I just enjoyed and waited until someone found me. =)