nu-jazz // broken beat

This music exudes solid, soothing feeling. Feeling I’ve been looking for; to fill the emotional gap that’s come as I’ve just finished my undergraduate education. I’d say these two songs are a fair representation of my duality of feelings towards school. “Another Day” is an earthy nu-jazz groove with Jill Scott voicing some deliciously soulful complaints about having to work. “Les Fleur” then enters quietly; it’s unassuming track gradually leading up to a crescendo of accomplishment. Good job, mate.
“I don’t wanna go to work today, I’d rather stay home and play video games…”

4Hero – Another Day (with Jill Scott)
4Hero – Les Fleur

3 Responses to “4Hero”

  1. darío :

    Oh, what a beautiful way to open this new year.
    Les fleur and plus, Minnie Riperton…
    Oh, God, as allways said, music is flowing inside me in a myriad of ways…
    Thanks for this strange feeling…
    Let´s welcome this year… feeling this wonderful song (one of my favourite of all times!!)

    Thanks!! Dario from ARgentina!!

  2. Anonymous :

    simply great.

  3. Frederik :

    Beautiful album.
    Pity the mass is not ready for it…