Joe Bataan

boogaloo // latin soul

There is something so irrestible about handclaps leading off a song, especially when they’re backed up by a scorching brass section. Mr. Joe Bataan evolved from a childhood in Spanish Harlem, an adolesence with Puerto Rican gangs, and an absorbtion of R&B, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Rican musical influences into the absolute king of the boogaloo. He released this red hot track in 1969, right when the fiery attitude of the genre was at its peak. Unfortunately for him and others like Joe Pito, the fanbase faded but we’re keepin’ it hot. If this shit lights you up, get down with one of these soul brothas.
Get on this train and shake down with your lady.

Joe Bataan – Subway Joe

6 Responses to “Joe Bataan”

  1. R. Piggy :

    Your site is always nice to look at even if the music is usually a bit high fallutin’ for me.

  2. Poptart :

    the tofu hut posted this a while back. still an awesome song!

    and i love the site, great music, great taste. :)

  3. terrified :

    That song was bitchin.

  4. Anonymous :

    A number of years ago, I was given a sampler album, full of salsa stuff, and luckily, this was on it. It stood head and shoulders above everything on the rest of the album. I loved it immediately, and still do. Those horns are ON FIRE!!!
    Great post.

  5. Anonymous :

    Any song that tells a story is a keeper. The fact that this song has hand clapping in the beginning just sets the mood for the low brass (namely trombones) to kill on this. Congrats on another great post.

    – Big-D

  6. Anonymous :

    Joe Bataan will be appearing live in Los Angeles County at the following venues:

    May 27-Quiet Canyon Lounge and
    901 N. Via San Clemente

    May 28-Santa Fe Springs Swap
    13963 Alondra Blvd.
    Santa Fe Springs
    2 shows

    For JOE BATAAN communications, bookings and
    appearances, please contact:

    Refuge Management, div of
    Andromeda International Records and Films
    12440 Moorpark Street #144
    Studio City, CA 91604
    Attn: Mark Matlock/Publicist
    Office: 661-256-0833
    Cell: 818-448-0995