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Quebec native Amylie first caught our attention (and stole our hearts) with her debut album Jusqu’aux Oreilles back in 2008. Four years later, illness Amylie is back with a new album, Le Royaume (2012), and its first single “Les Filles“. Le Royaume is a colourful mix of retro pop and soul, soulful vocal harmonies and truly refreshing melodies. The new album ranges from delicate to playful uptempo melodies with ocasional electro touches, bringing to mind Feist, Jessica Fichot and the Parisian avant-pop of Camille. As of now, I’m certain Amylie’s Le Royaume will end up among my most listened albums of the summer.

Strong, irresistible melodies.
Amylie – Les Filles
Amylie – Tais Ta Tête
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2 Responses to “Amylie”

  1. smarties :

    An even more accurate comparison would be fellow Quebecer Ariane Moffatt (especially her early albums)

  2. eJean1981 :

    What a sweet sound. Wish I spoke French.

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