Miriam Bryant

pop // soul

Miriam Bryant’s debut single “Finders, Keepers” (2012) might label her as a potential Sweden’s answer to the British soul invasion. However, while vocal comparisons to the critically acclaimed Adele are definitely due, Miriam’s songwriting is more in line with Paloma Faith’s jazz glamour with an added touch of Amanda Jenssen‘s sing-along soul-pop. “Finders, Keepers” is a truly emotive ballad that evolves around dramatic piano and strings, and Miriam’s powerful vocals. She’s one songstress I’ll be keeping a keen eye on in the future.

Strong, emotive songwriting.

Miriam Bryant – Finders, Keepers
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4 Responses to “Miriam Bryant”

  1. joseph chan :

    Strong beautiful voice with soul.

  2. cJw :


    i want more.

  3. pj :

    Swedish soul. Oh yeah.

  4. Jj :

    Soulful, Powerful!