electronic // downtempo

Supple beats marry shimmering coral chords in seaside bliss amid warming, caressing petals of sky to rendezvous your senses and massage on contact. Transposed emotions from Melbourne form piano flute cloudscapes, dazzling luminous sunsets, and curious blips washed in reverb flowing uptempo or downbeat. Jack Vanzet’s Voyages blossom into euphoric rewards for your ears, and his Unfinished Business is a 19-minute dopamine symphony of calming awe.

Dreamy audio estuary.
Thrupence – Synchronous Bloom
Thrupence – Folds
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8 Responses to “Thrupence”

  1. David Amira :

    I am sold by Thrupence. This is classic, hands down!

  2. Ken Batchelor :

    Love it! I visited his site, played more of his music, and ended up ordering all three of his albums.

  3. k-shan :

    Lovely music. Evocative of balmy summer afternoons.

    Do the chords to Synchronous Bloom sound like the chords to LMFAO Party Rock Anthem or is it just me.

  4. Paul Irish :

    absolutely gorgeous art here, as well!

  5. JuliusTio :

    this music is awesomeee..played Synchronous Bloom repeatedly on Aurgasm. Gonna buy this album soon.

  6. Brian Gawlik :

    Check out Stumbleine on soundcloud. Similar futuristic, silky production style.

  7. alanc230 :

    I like this. Very relaxing.

  8. Kevin Card :

    Long time listener of aurgasm, first time buyer, here is to you thrupence :)