Kinnie Starr

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4 Responses to “Kinnie Starr”

  1. Kyle :

    Dear Aurgasm listeners, what is your all-time favorite song? (or 2 or 3)

  2. Andrew Gilmore :

    Andrew Bird -Weather Systems

  3. L.N. Hammer :

    Scotch &Sofa, “Visite des recoins”

  4. frank :

    – ‘Wild Eyes’ by Mariee Sioux
    – ‘Homeland’ by Bee And Flower (this song slays me…)
    – ‘What Else Is There’ by Royksopp
    – ‘Lie In The Sound’ and/or ‘I Know’ by Trespassers William

    …left the first three quarters of my life out of it and still ran over! hey – great blog, i’ve been a reader since 06! -frank-

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