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9 Responses to “Fallulah”

  1. Wade :

    I love her vocals. Slightly reminds me of M.I.A. That picture is also pretty amazing.

  2. Dangerscouse :

    Another gem that you’ve found here……reminds me a bit of Paloma Faith.

  3. Jgcorp :

    Absolutely Amazing! Love every bit of it!

  4. SenatorSenator :

    “Only Human” has a wonderful Bjork-ish bond film intro vibe.
    The waltz “Use It For Good” has a certain tin pan alley vibe that hits me right in the sweet spot.

    Many thanks!

  5. ashley :

    this is a fantastic find. her vocals are spot on. and the music is really well put together.

  6. Music for NZ Trip :

    Stumbled to the Aurgasm website and I have found a slough of tracks I never knew about. This is one great artist! I was getting slight Kate Bush vocals from Only Human. Awesome, looking around now for more gold. Cheers!

  7. Peter :

    I always love the music you highlight!

  8. Ingi Thor :

    This is too good!!

  9. Rachel Adell :

    HECK YEAH!!! I’m buying her album right now!

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