donthink: Safe Bet

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  1. L.N. Hammer :

    Sweet. This was just was I was needing to listen to this morning. Thanks!

  2. Paul Irish :

    This mix is probably the best downtempo mix I’ve ever encountered. We’re lucky to have Kyle here at Aurgasm.
    So tremendous.

  3. George Morris :

    Fabulous…But how do you buy it?
    Pressing the shopping cart button gives you Amazon but they klaim not to have it..

  4. Matt Duncan :

    Amazing mix! Aurgasm continues to amaze me with every post

  5. Kyle :

    @George Morris: currently not for sale, but i’ll look into this.. maybe it can happen

  6. imfresherthanyou :

    I’m loving this one guys, thanks!

  7. AmbeJL :

    Just save it to your desktop and its yours.

  8. Norah :

    love love love Lou Rhodes. You should post stuff by Lamb. I find that there are still so many people out there who’ve never heard of them.

  9. Dangerscouse :

    I’m currently going through a divorce, which is never gonna be nice, but this mix totally calmed me down after another round of unreasonable behaviour from the soon to be ex-Dangerspouse….

    Fantastic mix, as usual Aurgasm have sorted me out again!! Cheers.

  10. Keyser Söze :

    very nice mix indeed.

  11. Michelle :

    Gorgeous. Well done, sir! :)

  12. Shannon :

    For those of you looking to purchase this–It appears iTunes has a free podcast of this beautiful piece. Happy listening. :)

  13. SoundOfConfusion :

    Fantastic mix, especially that first track. Kicks the whole thing off rather nicely.

  14. shawn :

    I am loving this mix! Great to listen to for the first snowfall of the year!

  15. Mitxmember :

    TOTALLY love it! absolutely awesome. I’d really like to have it on my iPod… any ideas on how to get it?

  16. One8becomes2zeros :

    Fantastic mix!

    Mitxmember, Just right click on the link and ‘save as’


  17. SheRMaN :

    Gracias!! Lovely_in_BuenosAires

  18. PVG :

    Just right click the track and save link as… mp3

  19. Carlyndarlyn :

    I’m trying to find the first track “dieci” by xploding plastix. I love it…but where is it from? I’ve looked through their discography and I can’t find it anywhere… Any ideas would be appreciated

  20. Kyle :

    @Carlyndarlyn, “Dieci” is a song from their demo cd that leaked onto the internet before The Donca Matic Singalongs. there was no track listing, and it was track 10, so Dieci i named it. XP informed Aurgasm that the original title is “Rattlechaser” and (edit) it is now available on Amazon ~ thanks @Bizarre

  21. jspanella :

    If the first tract Dieci is ever made available for purchase please post some kind of link. It is really wonderful.

  22. JBZ :

    I linked to your mix, so if it’s not ok just let me know and I’ll remove it. If you’d like to check the specific posting GoTo:

    Otherwise Thanks in advance!!!

  23. john :

    hey i love this check it if its not for sale whats the deal with maybe a download please could use it on the ipod ya know that site btw is my buddies he is a producer in progress electronic music anyways let me know

  24. Bizarre :

    @jspanella, as Kyle mentioned, the track “Dieci”is called “Rattlechaser” the album it appears on is available on amazon:
    It’s my favorite track as well. It reminds me of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero.

  25. Shane :

    I found this a few months ago when it was posted and I still listen to it all the time! I’m in the process of looking for some of these artists Fantastic! Thank you for getting me learned

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