Rosi Golan

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7 Responses to “Rosi Golan”

  1. Winnie :

    sounds like a road trip type of music. I like it =] It does kinda remind me a little of Ingrid.

  2. candace :

    its a good accompany for those who are on a longtrip . very nice one

  3. Cavin :

    Wow! I really really like this girl. Ah, yes, this site does satisfy me. Satisfy me goooood!

  4. Jonathan :

    Add me to the chorus. I like most everything posted on this site, you guys are great curators, but this is exceptional – thanks!

  5. anna :

    she is amazing! i love her catchy melodies. :)

  6. Jordan :

    She really is incredible. I love her sound and her voice is wonderful. You guys are right that “Follow The Arrow”is probably her most inspiring work. Thanks for introducing me to her work.

  7. Jason Hackwith :

    “Follow the Arrow” is just brilliant songwriting. Love it.

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