Brown Bird

Appalachian // Shanty

Time leads me to belonging’s grace. The drifting mountains, sifting hills, forests enclave, gravel pounds. Walking til’ my feat falls flat; I rest under trees why leaves camouflage me. Already west when my quest is back home… in a faint, beckoning assuage; reminiscent of Ma who always cared too much – with her undying love now a comforting memory – as footsteps in my soul on a path to soar. Black-eyed Susans and their friends break earth around me.. do they sing when they see the sun? A shout, a gasp, or a sigh for eternity? What do they believe? The strum of petals forgiving sin; steady growth like beard or wind; bark that bites, angels who romp, and heartbeat knock, tick-tock, of a flock. Do they or the birds above see me? Window’s fog is revealing fingerprinted faces, and a Portland, Maine man, David Lamb, has Rhode Islands across lakes of succumbing fate to find The Devil Dancing.

Soft shoes and skull shakers.
Brown Bird – Bottom of the Bottle
Brown Bird – Severed Soul
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7 Responses to “Brown Bird”

  1. KC Lowlife :

    I like the Severed Soul track. Thanks for posting this up.

  2. Tony Solomon :

    There album is dark, IMO, but they have talent. I also like Severed Soul.

  3. Luís Afonso :

    Nice to meet Brown Bird

  4. Terry Ó C :

    I’m gonna try get my hands on this album. This just struck a chord with me. Thanks for the intro.
    I haven’t been on this site for ages. It’s class, especially to come across music like this…even if there is a strong girly bias with a lot of the other music, it usually puts me in good form. :))))

  5. Guido Antonini - Porto Alegre/Brazil :

    Wow! Bottom of the Bottle is a great song. I like it!

  6. Danielle R. :

    I was able to see this band live in a very small houseshow, and they blew me away. It really makes me happy that you folks, too, have been able to hear them.

  7. Brian Lambeck :

    Double Cellos! An interesting sound and soul! Wonderful song!