Marit Larsen

folk-pop // acoustic

Some of you might be familiar with Marit Larsen as a former member of Norwegian teenage duo M2M, known for their hit “Don’t Say You Love Me” (1999). Following the duo’s break up Marit has shifted from the sugary sweet pop to a subtler and more mature kind of songwriting. Her second solo effort, The Chase (2008), is all about the rich yet unpretentious arrangements and memorable melodies. Featured below, “Steal My Heart” is one of Marit’s slow paced numbers and a great example of her orchestral pop crafting. The song evolves around the gorgeous strings and overall delicate instrumentation that carries Marit’s soft vocals.

Sweet melody to melt your heart.
Marit Larsen – Steal My Heart

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19 Responses to “Marit Larsen”

  1. James :

    Very nice.
    Wow, what a great site! I just Stumbled here a little while ago and I’ve been looking around and listening. Definitely gotta bookmark this.
    Good job!

  2. bianca :

    thanks. great song

  3. jester :

    I highly recommend her cd The Chase. The music and her lryics are very refreshing. So much better than the mainstream crap ( i.e. the beyonces and taylor swifts of music)

  4. BCM :

    Very cool.
    Will be trying to find more of her music.

  5. Ilse :

    Wow! What an amazing song -what an amazing site! Thanks be to Stumble Upon

  6. Charlott :

    Her voice is very innocent. I love this! I agree w/ jester’s comment; this is the kind of song that should be popular.

  7. kasey :

    stumbled upon this and love it, very neat layout and cute songs. <3

  8. perivallon :

    I really like her voice.It is so innocent and childish.

  9. Lale :

    Funny. I’m from Austria and there she is absolutely mainstream and incredibly overplayed. ‘If a song could get me you’ was number 1 in the charts for ages. It gets really boring after a while…

  10. bekurov :

    Norwegians are always great! Comfortable and… super comfortable… Wish i were a fish…

  11. Thomas :

    same as Lale. :)

  12. Emutsag :

    Ok, so that’s three female singer-songwriters in a row… yawn.

  13. Sean :

    I agree, Norwegians always bring it.

    Check out Riff Raters in the iphone app store. It’s perfect for all muscic lovers

  14. Raina :

    She is wonderful! So glad I came across this site!

  15. Sofie Elise :

    wow, it makes me go happy to read this comments, just because i am from norway. So fun to explore this site and this is the first i see! :D

  16. Matt :

    Nice, but the pizzicato strings remind me of the incidental music that seems to have taken over every US TV show in the last few years.

  17. Rob :

    Extraordinarily beautiful voice and funky music. Great site deffo favorite; thank heaven for Stumbling

  18. Daniel :

    Sweet, Marit! : )

  19. Chrissy :

    I Love Marit <3
    Her first CD under the surface is also amazing!