Sydney Wayser

singer-songwriter // folk pop

Sydney Wayser possesses an ear for melody and talent for songwriting that results in a collection of intimate and playful tunes. The half-French, half-American songwriter grew up in Los Angeles with frequent trips to Paris (and is now based in New York). This worldly charm is heard throughout her music, whether it’s the Southern-inspired “Banjo Bayou” or the dreamy allure of “Bells”. Though the majority of her sophomore album, The Colorful, was recorded on children’s toys and piano, there is nothing childish about it. Wayser’s alluring vocals and her unique instrumentals combine to rapturous effect. The Colorful wanders between light-hearted fun and poignant melody with ease.

Charming instrumentals and smoky vocals.
Sydney Wayser – Bells
Sydney Wayser – Banjo Bayou
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7 Responses to “Sydney Wayser”

  1. Charmaine :

    She reminds me of Celine Dion.

  2. Eduardo :

    More like Edie Brickell.

  3. Carina :

    Her voice reminds me a bit of Norah Jones.

  4. Andrew :

    Celine Dion? Wow, that was…unexpected. Vocally, I agree there’s some Edie Brickell, but more Beth Orton with a dash of Cat Power.

  5. Armando :

    Big fan of this site… and great music as always…

  6. Daniel :

    Those songs make me happy! : ) I loved it!

  7. John :

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sydney and seeing her live. She is a true talent. Her voice live, is amazing. Go see her live. you wont be sorry.