The Living Sisters

vocal harmony // close harmony // country-folk

The Living Sisters might be releasing their debut album Love To Live, next month, but they certainly aren’t new to the scene. LA-based singer-songwriters Inara George (The Bird And The Bee), Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond) and Eleni Mandell have been performing for years with their own respective projects. Mandell first proposed the idea of a harmony group to Stark in 2005, and George jumped on board the following year. Since then, the trio has been working on The Living Sisters in rare stolen moments when all three were available, and the result is well worth the wait. Love To Live is a gorgeous collection of songs with nods to classic country harmony groups and a healthy splash of gospel, soul and folk for good measure. Throughout the album their crystalline voices take the spotlight; the trio’s heartfelt and pure harmonies give an intimacy to each song, and the end result is lovely and effortless. Take a listen to “Double Knots,” a sweet doo wop-inspired track, to tide yourself over until Love To Live becomes available in March.

Pure, unfiltered loveliness.
The Living Sisters – Double Knots
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9 Responses to “The Living Sisters”

  1. lafamos :

    love bird and the bee

    double knots totally gives me some nostalgic feeling goodness

  2. Nick :

    Nice, I never really got into The Bird and the Bee but this I like.

  3. Amanda :

    I love this!! Very happy-making.

  4. Jennifer :

    This is delightful. Reminds me of barbershop quartet days.

  5. Sean :

    This had me after about ten seconds: an instant purchase.

  6. freelurving :

    this song is amazing!!! thanks so much for finding and sharing. loved it so much i had to blog about it too…

  7. Roni C :

    Got the album as a mother’s day gift. Excellent tunes. I’ve listened to the album from start to finish 6 times and still can’t get enough of it.

  8. Eric :


    Thanks for featuring these gals. I’m hooked!

  9. Eric :

    Picked up the disc about a month back. Very solid writing and performances throughout. Blue

    Other stand out tracks: Blue, Hold Back, How Are You Doing?, Ferris Wheel… Wait. I’d say 80% of this release is simply rock solid and a joy to put on! Hey, there’s a Bowie cover on the MP3 release that is pretty hot too!